Essential safety features every vehicle should have

When it comes to safe driving, California motorists look for vehicles that offer a good range of safety features. However, which features are must-have to ensure a safe and secure driving experience for both passengers and driver alike? The United Services Automobile Association offers this list of essential safety features that might just prevent a fatal accident from occurring.

The time in which a driver can react to on-the-road dangers will influence whether or not a crash actually occurs. For instance, a vehicle suddenly stopped in the road or other unexpected circumstances call for a split-second braking response. That’s why many car manufacturers are employing automatic braking systems to help drivers better respond to unforeseen hazards. When combined with other types of warning systems, drivers have a much better chance of lessening deadly collisions.

While cruise control has been a common feature in many vehicles, use of a sensor system can help motorists avoid serious head-on collisions. Adaptive cruise control employs technology to interpret the speed of other vehicles on the road and then limits or increases a vehicle’s speed accordingly. This removes the likelihood for human error during vehicle operation, which plays a significant role in many crashes.

Recent statistics illustrate just how vital these features are to keeping vehicle occupants safe. Newsweek reports on the rising rate of injuries and deaths related to traffic accidents with some sobering numbers from 2015. Traffic fatalities were on the rise all over the nation, with an estimated 19,000 people perishing due to injuries sustained during auto accidents. Showing a 14 percent increase over the previous year, many analysts are looking for reasons why driver deaths are on the rise. While more time spent on the road is one likely factor, distracted driving behaviors (such as mobile phone usage behind the wheel) are also thought to play a role.