Extreme heat and pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians may find themselves in a traffic incident during any time of year, but there are certain instances where a pedestrian accident may be especially likely. During the winter, for example, a pedestrian may slip on ice or a driver may lose control after driving over a patch of ice and veer off of the road. The summer can also be a dangerous time for pedestrians and in this post, we will discuss some concerns related to summer weather and pedestrian accidents.

During a heat wave, pedestrians may feel sluggish or have more difficulty walking. For example, someone who may be jogging in order to get some exercise could become exhausted due to the extreme heat, which might interfere with their ability to avoid an oncoming car. Moreover, drivers can also become overheated, which could affect their ability to drive safely. Furthermore, in certain areas there may be more pedestrians on the road during the summer, as opposed to the winter months, when more people stay inside. For all of these reasons, it is important for drivers to be vigilant and look out for pedestrians during the summer and at all times of year.

If you were hit by a vehicle while walking, our law office knows that you may be facing many different challenges, including financial problems due to hospital expenses or taking time off work, physical pain, emotional trauma, immobility, and other hardships. If a driver’s negligence caused the accident, know your rights and speak with a qualified Santa Ana pedestrian accident lawyer.

Our personal injury webpage provides a closer look at info interconnected with pedestrian accidents.

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