Eyesight and motor vehicle accidents

Our Irvine personal injury attorneys know how dangerous it can be to ride in a vehicle, especially with all of the negligent drivers on the roads. However, there are things to watch out for in addition to alcohol consumption, speeding, icy roads, and other risks. For example, we know that poor eyesight or anything that obstructs a driver’s vision could lead to a collision. If you were hurt in a crash that happened because a driver was unable to see the road correctly, or for any other reason, you should review your legal rights instantly and ensure that the aftermath of the wreck is approached with care.

Sometimes, a driver may decide to operate a vehicle without their glasses or with the knowledge that they may not be able to see the road appropriately. In other instances, a driver may have his or her vision obstructed due to heavy rainfall or fog, or an obstruction on or near the road (such as grass that has not been cut). Moreover, a visual disturbance may be brought on by a health problem, temporarily interfering with a driver’s eyesight. All of these problems can contribute to a motor vehicle accident and drivers should be mindful of anything that could interfere with their vision behind the wheel.

If you were struck by a driver who was not able to see the road well, you may be very upset or unsure of what your options are. During these difficult times, it is vital to stay committed to standing up for your rights. Our personal injury section offers more on motor vehicle collisions.