Fatality statistics paint a sobering picture for motorcyclists

Orange County motorcyclists love the open road for the all the freedom it affords. However, motorcyclists face a myriad of risks every day, some of which can prove fatal under the right circumstances. As a fierce advocate for the rights of motorcyclists, our team at Callahan & Blaine urge clients to be fully aware of all potential risks.

RideApart.com lists a few pertinent motorcycle fatality statistics that illustrate just how dangerous the road can be. For instance, in 2011 speeding was a factor in many fatal motorcycle accidents (1,614 of the total motorcycle deaths that year alone could be attributed to increased rates of speed). Alcohol usage also contributed to numerous fatalities during the same year. Among the total number of motorcyclists who perished as a result of crashes, 33 percent had evidence of alcohol in their systems.

Collisions with other vehicles make up the majority of rider deaths, with 49 percent of fatalities occurring in this manner. Additionally, helmet use has been shown to influence the severity of injuries incurred during a crash. 40 percent of all riders killed during 2011 were not wearing helmets at the time of their crash.

Older riders seem to have a higher risk of death when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Throughout the period spanning from 2002 to 2011, 75 percent of motorcyclist fatalities occurred to riders aged 40 or older. Older riders also exhibit an increased likelihood of driving while inebriated, with 38 percent of riders killed in accidents involving alcohol ranging from 40 to 44. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a serious injury as a result of a motorcycle crash, please visit us online for more information or contact our office to speak with a Santa Ana motorcycle accident attorney.