How can a brain injury be worth millions of dollars?

We make no secret of it: our Newport Beach brain injury attorneys at Callahan & Blaine have helped some of our clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries to collect substantial sums of money, sometimes amounting to millions of dollars. But how do we do it?

Any major settlement or jury award has two foundational pillars underneath: a devastating injury, and a plaintiff’s attorney who has been meticulous in preparation for settlement negotiations and trial. A traumatic brain injury often serves to create the former, and a knowledgeable, experienced, thoroughly prepared and tenacious attorney provides the latter.

Consider the nature of many traumatic brain injuries: they can have both short and long-term consequences that can make it difficult or impossible to gain or keep employment while at the same time requiring highly specialized medical treatment that can last as long as the victim lives. This can, and often does create a financial situation of diminished income coupled with medical bills that are staggering. And that is only the beginning. Serious brain injuries are frequently ruinous when it comes to quality of life: your ability to interact meaningfully with your loved ones, or to participate in even basic relationship activities can be severely curtailed.

What this means is that when direct, indirect and where applicable even exemplary damages are tallied, a traumatic brain injury settlement or award really can amount to millions of dollars – and not be a “windfall”, but just compensation.

But to prevail in TBI-related negotiations with an insurer or in litigation, not just any personal injury attorney will suffice. Put simply, brain injury cases are not like dog bite cases. The effort and time to adequately prepare for a complex case like one involving a brain injury requires an attorney, backed by a law firm, that knows exactly what needs to be done to build the most solid case on your behalf. That is what we do for our clients. And it is what we can do for you, too.

This post is only an introduction to how we work with clients who have suffered brain injuries. See our webpage on the subject for more details, and to find out how to contact us.