How can drivers reduce the chances of a truck crash?

On the road, a myriad of threats may loom, from inclement weather to the use of alcohol behind the wheel. However, truck accidents have a tendency to be especially devastating, which is why you should do what you can to avoid an accident involving a large truck or a bus. While drivers cannot prevent these accidents in all instances, such as those which are caused by a trucker’s negligence, there are some steps that may help reduce the likelihood of these deadly accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has provided a number of important pointers that drivers should keep in mind. First of all, drivers should recognize a truck’s no zones, also known as blind spots. Large trucks have major blind spots on the sides, back, and front of the trucks and the truck driver may be unable to see other vehicles in these areas. You should also be mindful of the wide turns trucks often make, avoid tailgating, and be cautious while passing. Moreover, you should never drive if you are too tired and should avoid any distractions that could divert your attention, such as a cell phone.

Tragically, some victims of accidents involving large trucks and buses find themselves in this position because of another driver’s error. Even by following the aforementioned guidelines, some victims could not have prevented the large truck wreck from happening. If you find yourself facing these significant challenges, you should not hesitate to pursue any resources that may help you move on with your life.