How can I drive safely on CA highways?

The summer months entail quite a bit of driving on California highways as you seek out new and exciting destinations to explore. While accidents can occur virtually anywhere, highway driving is associated with a number of serious risks that may result in tragedy if you fail to take the proper precautions.

According to the American Red Cross, safe highway driving requires making certain considerations to ensure you are up for the challenge. This is especially true when traveling long distances. While it may be tempting to forgo rest breaks in order to arrive at your destination sooner, fatigue can greatly impact your ability to operate a vehicle. If traveling with others be sure to take turns behind the wheel. When you are driving alone and feeling fatigued, find a safe area to pull over until you are able to continue your trek.

Preparation is important in the event you are stuck in your vehicle for an extended period of time. First and foremost, inform a friend or relative of your arrival time and intended route so they can contact the authorities should you fail to arrive. It’s also a good idea to keep some emergency supplies handy. Essential supplies include extra water and food, as well as a first aid kit. Packing a battery powered radio and flashlight is also recommended.  

Obeying pertinent traffic laws is another vital consideration. This involves maintaining a safe and reasonable speed and refraining from using mobile devices while in transit. You should never drink and drive no matter where you are traveling; if you plan on drinking be sure to enlist a designated driver to take over responsibilities. Additionally, both you and your passengers should wear seatbelts at all times in the event that a collision does occur.