How can I help my teen be a better driver?

Teen drivers lack the experience of their adult counterparts. As a result, they’re more likely to be involved in car accidents, which can have devastating results for all involved. That’s why it’s up to parents to ensure their young drivers have the skills they need when getting behind the wheel. In this case, offers the following tips to parents to help their kids stay safe behind the wheel. 

Tailgating involves following too close to the vehicle in front of you. If this vehicle should stop suddenly, the following driver would be ultimately responsible for any damage that occurs. That’s why young drivers should be taught to leave a three to four-second window between their vehicle and others. You should also talk to your teen about what to do during inclement weather. In this case, it’s advised to increase the distance to account for slick roads. 

In the same token, make sure your teen driver understands the dangers of speeding. Speeding not only increases the chance of a crash, it can also make any injuries or damage that occurs that much worse. Driving at high speeds makes it hard to control a vehicle. Also, keep in mind that speed limits are designed for maximum safety. When you drive over the speed limit, you endanger yourself as well as others on the road. 

Lastly, young drivers must remain aware of their surroundings at all times. This enables a motorist to make the right decisions when other drivers behave erratically. Part of remaining alert is cutting down driving distractions, including the use of smartphones. Your teen should also be cautious about taking friends along while driving. Passengers can also cause distractions, which is especially risky when a driver is inexperienced.