How can I keep young guests safe in my home?

There is nothing more enjoyable for your kids than entertaining friends in the comfort of their own home. However, California families could face severe legal consequences in the event that an accident or injury occurs to visiting children on their premises. That’s why it’s important to take the proper steps to avoid common household accidents, for the well-being of both your family as well as your guests.

Safe Kids Worldwide provides some helpful safety tips

onhow to prevent accidents from happening within your home. Medication storage is a crucial concern, as kids may inadvertently encounter potentially harmful medicines during their visit. Of course, this can end in catastrophe if accidental ingestion takes place. To stop a tragic accident from occurring, be sure all medications (even things like vitamins) are stored in secure places and out of the reach of children.

Burns can happen easily during food preparation, so it’s important to supervise kids that are old enough to prepare snacks and meals for themselves and friends. This includes utilizing those methods necessary to reduce the risk of burn injuries, such as keeping hot foods away from table edges to prevent spills. Burns can also be caused by other home devices, including hair dryers or curling irons. Accordingly, keep these items out of reach of smaller children and always make sure they are set in the off position once you are finished using them.

Falls are yet another concern, and this can be a particularly relevant concern while kids are at play. Windows should be reinforced to ensure falls from great heights (the consequences of which can be deadly) do not occur. Additionally, if there are very small children present at your home all staircases should be protected with collapsible gates.