How can I prevent traumatic brain injuries from occurring?

If you or someone you love experiences a traumatic brain injury, the health effects can be devastating. Accordingly, all Orange County residents should be aware of the best methods for preventing such injuries, whether traveling by vehicle or engaging in recreational activities.

Useful tips provided by The Mayo Clinic can help your entire family reduce the likelihood of a traumatic and damaging head injury from occurring. This is particularly important if your family includes small children, who can be highly susceptible to falls in and around the home. Stairways are dangerous for toddlers just learning how to walk, so be sure to outfit your home with safety gates as necessary. Older kids may also face a risk of serious head injury, especially when engaging outdoor play involving skateboards or bikes. To this end, ensure your children have the appropriate protective head gear suited to the specific activity in which they are engaged.

You may also be concerned about the safety of elderly family members. Because older adults are often prone to slips and falls, it’s best to remove any clutter or throw rugs from walkways in order to keep fall hazards at a minimum. Safety-proofing the bathroom is another great option. Non-slip mats will prevent slips and falls while showering or bathing, while hand-rails can help a senior maneuver around the room.

Brain injuries may also result from auto accidents. In this case, you should never drive a vehicle when impaired by drugs or alcohol, as this can greatly impact your decision-making ability and coordination. Additionally, constant use of safety belts when traveling by vehicle is a must for your whole family. Also make sure your car or truck is outfitted with the appropriate safety features, including airbags.