How can I protect passengers on my motorcycle?

Taking a loved one along on your motorcycle can make for a fun afternoon. However, motorcyclists in California must ensure the safety of their passengers by adhering to all relevant rules and safety regulations. Doing so will allow you and your passenger to have a thrilling yet safe trip, wherever you might travel.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation details what must occur when riding with passengers

onyour motorcycle. For passengers unfamiliar with the process, a thorough safety lesson is highly recommended. Make sure they know how to position themselves on the motorcycle during turns and other maneuvers, and warn them to stay clear of any mechanisms that can do bodily damage (such as areas that generate a great deal of heat).

Before your ride, take a moment to inspect your motorcycle to make certain it is in proper working condition. Also be aware that your passenger may affect the way your motorcycle handles. Don’t be alarmed if your passenger inadvertently makes contact with your helmet during stops, as this is a common occurrence when riding with another person. Be sure to take extra care when braking to accommodate the added weight, and keep speeds low to better anticipate any unexpected obstacles.

If you are a new rider, it’s best to get more practice before taking a passenger out for a ride. You should also be aware of any local laws that pertain to motorcycles and passengers. For instance, some states require that motorcycles have certain features when transporting passengers. It’s also recommended that both you and your passenger wear the appropriate safety gear, including helmets and skid-resistant clothing.