How can I safely share the road with motorcyclists?

With Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month rapidly approaching, you may be seeking methods of safely sharing the road with motorcycles when driving in and around Orange County are. Creating a secure driving experience is the responsibility of both you, as a driver, and motorcyclists, which is why AARP recommends the following safety tips to help prevent serious accidents from occurring.

Motorcycles do not operate in the same manner as passenger vehicles. For instance, it’s common for a motorcycle to accelerate quickly, which can result in you not being fully aware of the presence of motorcycles when driving. To this end, taking full account of your surroundings is vital. Look to the front, rear and side-to-side to pick up any motorcyclists that have suddenly emerged in your line of vision. Awareness of your environment is an important component of safe driving, and can also prepare you for many unexpected occurrences. 

Additionally, road conditions can wreak havoc on even the most tranquil of rides. Road hazards come in numerous forms, including debris and cracked pavement, and in order to avoid these hazards motorcyclists will often have to maneuver quickly to prevent from crashing. If you find yourself driving in close proximity to a motorcyclist be sure to leave enough space. Ample room allows you to react quickly should a motorcycle suddenly swerve to evade an unanticipated road danger.

Because vehicle crashes involving motorcycles most often happen at intersections, it’s also important for you to take a cautious approach when it comes to sharing the road. You should make every attempt to afford the right-of-way to motorcycles when appropriate. Unlike a passenger car, which provides protection to occupants, motorcyclists are left exposed to the many dangers of the road. Accordingly, undertaking proper accident prevention is essential to ensure both you and motorcyclists remain safe.