How can your employer protect your safety at work?

When you leave for work each day in California, you are accepting certain risks that are an inherent part of the job you have agreed to do. These risks may range in severity and in how prevalent they are depending on the industry you work in, how committed your employer is to safety and how current your employer is with the implementation of safety protocols. 

You uphold a significant portion of responsibility to protect yourself by abiding by the rules that have been created for your safety and that of your coworkers. Examples of some of the requirements you may be asked to follow include the wearing of appropriate safety gear, responsible operation of equipment, maintenance of applicable licensures, commitment to completing training and an understanding of how to report or address safety concerns. 

Equally as important is your employer’s willingness to outfit your work environment with the necessary tools and resources to keep you and your coworkers safe at work. According to Career Trend, some of the things your employer should be doing include the following:

  • Scheduling and completing maintenance and repairs on all machinery and equipment, as well as infrequent tests to verify that all equipment is working properly and safely. 
  • Providing you and your coworkers with adequate breaks and preventing an environment in which you feel rushed or pressured to complete work at an unnatural pace. 
  • Identifying and addressing dangerous items and disposing of them or securing them before they pose a threat to you or anyone else. 

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.  



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