How do drivers become distracted behind the wheel?

There are many hazards that drivers should always watch out for when operating a vehicle, which can result in an accident. For example, the consumption of alcohol or drugs can cause a crash, as well as speeding, driving while drowsy, ignoring signs, and even driving during poor weather conditions. However, distracted driving is also very dangerous and there are many different reasons why drivers become distracted on the road.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted driving has many causes. Some distractions divert a driver’s mental focus, while others cause them to take their hands away from the wheel or look at something other than the road. For many drivers, cell phones are a major source of distraction, whether someone is trying to read an email or send a text message. However, many other types of distractions take place, such as eating, conversing with other people in the vehicle, trying to use a GPS system or read a map, or looking for something on the floor.

Sadly, drivers who are not paying attention to the road pose a major risk and sometimes cause crashes that leave victims with serious injuries. In some cases, distracted driving wrecks result in the loss of life and families are never able to get over severe emotional pain. If you are struggling because of a distracted driver, you need to utilize all of the resources that can help you piece your life together. Tragically, these accidents will continue to happen, shattering many lives.