How many fatal accidents involve young pedestrians?

Far too many kids have passed away in traffic collisions, and when these lives are cut short the challenges that arise may be devastating for their entire family. If you are a parent, it is pivotal to do all you can to keep your child safe whenever they are on the road or near traffic, and this includes ensuring that they understand how to avoid an accident while walking alongside the road or attempting to cross the street.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every five children less than 15 years old who passed away in traffic accidents during 2015 were pedestrians. This shows that young people are especially likely to be involved in a fatal pedestrian accident, which is why you should do everything you can to help keep your child safe if you are a parent. The CDC draws attention to multiple risk factors that can increase the odds of fatal pedestrian accidents, such as walking during the nighttime, crossing the road inappropriately, walking in an urban area and drivers traveling at high speeds.

Tragically, some pedestrian accidents are caused by reckless drivers and a child’s life may be cut short by a careless driver. Even when a child understands how to stay safe while walking near traffic, they may be struck by someone who was speeding or driving under the influence. The hardships that arise in the wake of these accidents can destroy a parent’s life, and those who are struggling with the consequences of a pedestrian accident should not hesitate to seek justice.