How many people pass away in weather-related traffic accidents?

Fatal motor vehicle collisions happen for all sorts of reasons, but weather can be especially problematic. Unlike drunk driving and other dangers on the road, weather conditions cannot be controlled and sometimes, the only way to stay safe is to avoid driving altogether. However, people take to the road during inclement weather because they have very important responsibilities to take care of or are not concerned about the risks associated with poor road conditions. Sadly, weather events cause many people to pass away and suffer severe injuries every year.

According to information that was published by the Federal Highway Administration, traffic crashes involving weather claim an average of more than 5,000 lives per year, based on data that was gathered between 2005 and 2014. Moreover, during this same time frame, more than 445,000 people sustained injuries due to crashes caused by weather each year, on average. In fact, accidents involving weather accounted for 22 percent of all vehicle accidents, 16 percent of all accident deaths, and 19 percent of all accident injuries during an average year in this period.

Clearly, weather is a major cause of motor vehicle wrecks and drivers should recognize just how dangerous the roads can be when it is snowing, raining heavily, very windy, foggy, or ice is present. Unfortunately, some drivers put lives at risk by driving carelessly during these conditions, either because they do not have much experience driving during poor weather or simply do not care. Negligent drivers who cause an accident during poor weather or any other time should be held accountable.