How motorcyclists can increase safety on the road

Motorcycle safety is of the utmost importance to riders in California. There are numerous factors that riders must account for, from road hazards to the actions of other vehicles. Failure to undertake all necessary precautions can lead to devastating accidents and injuries, which is why all riders must remain vigilant when taking to the open road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urges motorcyclists to take certain steps to reduce the risk of a serious accident from occurring. Following all posted traffic regulations is a major factor in motorcycle safety. This entails using the proper methods for signaling, yielding and navigating through intersections. It’s also essential for riders to use defensive driving tactics to signal their presence to other vehicles on the road.

Seasoned riders know the importance of proper motorcycle maintenance and its impact on safety. Before riding, checking things like tire pressure, fluid levels and the functionality of signals and headlights will help prevent any sudden surprises on the road. Also, motorcyclists should never ride when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Judgement will be greatly affected in this case, which can lead to poor maneuvering and impaired decision-making.

Of course, drivers of passenger vehicles also share some of the responsibility for keeping roads safe. suggests giving motorcyclists ample room when following behind. In the event of a rear-end collision the motorcyclist can be gravely injured, which may not be the case were the same accident to happen to a passenger vehicle. Also, drivers are urged to remain attentive of the presence of motorcycles at all times, especially during temperate weather.