How to create a fire evacuation plan

All California employers are obligated to keep their workers protected, which is why creating an efficient fire evacuation plan is so critical. Orderly evacuation can prevent serious injuries from occurring, and may even help save lives should a fire break out.

The California Department of Public Health provides a few useful tips for devising a workplace evacuation plan. There are certain elements that are crucial to a cohesive plan, such as clear marking of all exits and evacuation routes. This information should be made known to employees to ensure they can get themselves and others to safety in the event of a fire. Establishing a chain of command is also important, as well as setting up a way to check that all employees are accounted for once an evacuation is complete.

Of course, creating a plan is just the first step. Once the plan has been finalized, routine drills and practice sessions should take place on a regular basis. Additionally, it’s recommended that workers remain involved in the process to ensure their safety is a priority. To this end, the evacuation plan should be reviewed by all involved, and any suggested alterations must be considered carefully.

While a fire evacuation plan is essential to a safe workplace, both employers and workers should be aware of common fire prevention tactics. According to Safety Center Inc., the risk of a deadly fire can be reduced by removing clutter within a work environment. Defective wiring and other electrical components are common causes of fires, which illustrates the importance of reporting issues to the proper authorities. Workplaces containing combustible materials should also have their own unique procedures in place to prevent fires from occurring.