Is drowsy driving against the law?

Many people understand that driving while very tired is not a smart move, but some do not realize that doing so may result in additional legal challenges in the event that a deadly crash occurs. In fact, not only are there laws against this behavior in a number of places, but drowsy driving may become illegal in other states in the years to come. From causing an accident that results in property damage to leaving victims with devastating injuries or claiming lives, drowsy drivers cause many heartbreaking problems and they should be held accountable for this behavior.

According to the New Jersey Legislature’s website, drivers who are knowingly fatigued are considered to have been driving recklessly when they cause a fatal accident. In this instance, reckless fatigue consists of going without sleep for more than 24 hours. The bill, which is known as “Maggie’s Law,” was introduced in 2002.

Unfortunately, laws cannot stop every drunk driver from getting behind the wheel and the same is true for drowsy driving. There are many people who are overwhelmingly tired on roads across the country and they place innocent lives in danger. To make things worse, some people do not realize how much drowsy driving can impair driving abilities. If you are struck by someone who you believe was too tired to drive, you may need to file a lawsuit. Moreover, if you are hit by a drowsy driver in a state that has laws against drowsy driving, do not overlook this if you take legal action.