Know the facts about slip and fall accidents

Each day people in people in Colorado and all over the nation suffer from significant injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. Here at Callahan & Blaine, our skilled legal team has seen firsthand the damage that can be caused by a slip and fall. To this end, we urge our clients to be aware of the facts surrounding such accidents, from how likely they are to occur to what sort of injuries can result.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents result in more than one million hospital visits on a yearly basis, making up about 12 percent of the total injuries caused by falls in general. Additionally, falls are responsible for over half of the accidental deaths that occur in the home, which impacts senior citizens at a much greater rate. In fact, up to 67 percent of deaths resulting from a fall happen to people over the age of 75.

Slip and falls are also a significant source of injury for the elderly. Hip fractures are exceedingly common when it comes to injuries associated with falls, and the elderly are specifically prone to these types of injuries. Hip fractures can also greatly diminish one’s quality of life; assisted living is required for more than half of senior citizens who suffer from hip fractures.

Slip and fall accidents can also pose a hazard in the workplace. Wet floors are a leading factor when it comes to falls in the workplace, with 85 percent of workers’ compensation claims resulting from these incidents. Injuries sustained during a fall at work typically lead to significant downtime, with 22 percent of workplace falls resulting in more than 31 days of missed work. If you’d like more information on securing legal assistance in the event of a serious injury incurred due to a fall, please feel free to visit our firm online and schedule a free consultation with a Newport Beach brain injury attorney.