Life of Bear Creek student lost in car accident

California roads are some of the busiest in the country. In the vicinity of big cities, this can easily result in perilous situations. With thousands of vehicles going at high speeds, there is enormous potential for collisions. A single wrong decision can cause a crash. Even when roads are less busy, a car accident can easily happen, sometimes for reasons that take a while to determine. This is what happened in the Bear Creek area of San Joaquin County recently, in a case where a Bear creak High School student was killed.

The student, 17, was a senior at the high school. He was well-liked amongst fellow students, and enjoyed playing football. He also was a valued member of the school’s forensic speech team, where he showed his well-developed communications skills. Those skills were also employed reading the school’s morning bulletin for other students each day over the intercom system.

In the car accident, the student who died was riding with two others, also 17. They were on Eight Mile Road, and were traveling west at what the California Highway Patrol says was a high rate of speed. The female driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, and it overturned. The reasons for that are not currently known, but that is when the fatality happened, as the Bear Creek High School student who lost his life was ejected from the car. The driver and the other passenger sustained injuries.

In some car accident cases like this one, fault is not immediately apparent. In others, there may be clear causes. Regardless of the situation, passengers and drivers who find themselves in a car accident should get a car accident lawyer right away to explore their legal options.

Source:, “Popular Bear Creek student killed in car accident” Jason Anderson, Jan. 18, 2014