Man causes brain injury to brother while slaying parents

A man who now lives in Seattle, Washington, returned to his family home in California because he wanted to murder his entire family, according to police. He could face the death penalty for his charges since the police are saying that the whole incident was premeditated. They have not yet found a motive for the crime, however, but it is fairly clear what the man did due to the retrieval of the murder weapon.

The shootings happened during the night. The man started by going into his parents’ bedroom — despite being divorced, they still lived together in a sprawling home that was around 9,000 square feet — and he shot them. They were asleep when the shooting took place. He then went into his brother’s bedroom and shot him as well, but the brother lived. As a result of the shooting, his brother did suffer a brain injury that has now left him paralyzed.

The man’s sister lived in the home as well, and he attempted to shoot her last. She was awake, though, and she ran from him. She did not report any injuries in the incident.

The police originally could not figure out who had committed the crime because they could not find any evidence that someone had forced their way into the house. It became clear why there wasn’t a forced entry when they found out that it was actually the brother. He has now been arrested and is awaiting trial for his crimes.

Not only is this case going to investigate the punishment that the man deserves for his crimes, but it also has to take into account the needs of the child with the brain injury. He will need care for the rest of his life. People who are put in this position deserve assistance with medical costs and other such compensation for their injuries.

Source: The Seattle Times, PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE: “Seattle man, 19, charged after parents slain in California” Paige Cornwell, Mar. 07, 2014