Motor vehicle crashes and Halloween

Recently, many people across the country took part in Halloween celebrations. Some went trick-or-treating with their kids, while others attended parties and haunted houses. Unfortunately, some people found themselves in motor vehicle collisions that resulted in serious injuries. Worse, there are certain times of year, such as on holidays, when the likelihood of a fatal accident is even greater. We know the pain and devastation that these collisions cause for victims and those close to them. As a result, you should explore all of your options with a Newport Beach car accident attorney if you were hurt in an auto accident on Halloween or any other time of year, for that matter.

Halloween can be especially dangerous for diverse reasons. On the one hand, trick-or-treating can lead to an increase in pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. However, other threats are even more concerning, such as the prevalence of drunk driving. Many people celebrate Halloween in bars and at parties, where they consume enough alcohol to lead to intoxication and interfere with their ability to drive. Sadly, some choose to put lives at risk by getting in their car and driving under the influence. Whenever a car accident victim is suffering because of another person’s negligence, they should examine any resources that can help out.

Sadly, traffic crashes will continue to occur on Halloween, as well as other holidays, such as New Year’s Eve. Those who cause these events should not get away with their actions or the suffering they are directly responsible for. Our personal injury page offers more insight on motor vehicle collisions.