Older motorcyclists face a greater risk of injury

In California, many veteran motorcyclists are extremely responsible and cautious when partaking in this beloved pastime. However, research shows that older motorcyclists face a greater risk of serious injury or even death as compared to younger riders.

As illustrated by Consumer Reports, the age in which a motorcyclist experiences an accident can have a huge impact on the outcome. Although riders in their 20s experienced accidents in far greater frequency throughout the duration of the study, motorcyclists 60 and older had more significant health effects as a result of their accidents.  Older riders were three times more likely to require hospitalization, sustained head and chest injuries in greater numbers and succumbed to their injuries at a much greater rate.

The reason for the increased occurrence of injury has been attributed to the effects of the natural aging process in some cases. Along with things like diminished reaction time and deteriorating vision, the bodies of aging riders may be more prone to sustaining serious injury when compared to drivers in their 20s and 30s. It can also be a matter of age being compounded with skill level; this is especially true for older motorcyclists who are new to riding.

While little can be done to prevent all accidents from occurring, motorcyclists can take certain steps to increase their safety when on the road. According to the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles, the risks faced by motorcyclists can be mitigated by using a degree of caution. Proper use of turn signals is extremely important to this end, as it may be difficult for motorists to discern a rider’s actions. Motorcyclists can signal their presence in other ways, especially by wearing gear with reflective materials, which will help call the attention of other drivers.