Overdose death results in a wrongful death lawsuit

The drug crisis in California continues to take lives due to drug overdoses on a daily basis. A woman who overdosed and died following her arrest in a traffic stop leaves behind a young son. The boy, through his father, is bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of San Diego.

The woman was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for having an expired registration sticker. The woman was allegedly handed a bag of drugs to conceal after the police pulled the car over and approached the vehicle. She was placed under arrest, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car.

While being transported during rush hour traffic, the woman threw up and asked for water and for help. She reportedly began screaming and exhibited difficulty breathing, but medical assistance was apparently not summoned. After reaching the police station, the woman became unconscious and was transported to an area hospital. She lapsed into a coma and died about a week later. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the deceased’s 6-year-old son and cites unreasonable search and seizure, failure to provide medical assistance and negligent wrongful death.

No child in California should have to go through the horrific pain of losing a parent at a very young age. When such a death may have been prevented through prompt medical attention, the loss can be felt much more deeply. Not every death can be prevented, but appropriate measures should be taken. In the event of such a tragedy, a consultation with a personal injury attorney can help determine if a wrongful death lawsuit is a viable option.