Pedestrian accidents can be among the most serious

Some things seem more outwardly impressive than others, at least from a visual standpoint. For example, if you see two vehicles involved in a collision, this might seem like a more serious form of accident than one in which a vehicle strikes a pedestrian. But looks can be deceiving.

Accidents between cars and pedestrians can lead to the most serious and long-term physical injuries, particularly to the pedestrian who has nothing to shield him from the full effects of a traumatic impact. Broken bones, injured organs, lacerations and more are all not only possible but even likely; and long-term consequences, including brain and spinal cord injuries, are also foreseeable. The combination of both immediate and prolonged negative effects is not limited to bodily injury. Mental pain and suffering damages are also considerations that will need to be addressed.

As an indicator of just how significant a car-pedestrian accident can be from the viewpoint of damages to the pedestrian, consider that recently our firm won a settlement award on behalf of two California pedestrians who were struck by a car in Orange County, with the settlement amount being $50 million — the highest personal injury settlement in the history of the United States.

While the Santa Ana pedestrian accident lawyers at Callahan & Blaine cannot guarantee that every car-pedestrian accident matter will reach a settlement like the one above, we can say that our approach to these cases — based on thorough investigation of the accident facts, the accident scene itself, the applicable California law and the parties involved — is meant to ensure that if you are the unfortunate pedestrian in such an incident you can be confident that every possible cause of action and all plausible defendants will be included for consideration in both settlement negotiations and if need be in litigation.