Pedestrian killed in front of California high school

A 47-year-old pedestrian died in an accident in Irvine on Dec. 10. The accident reportedly occurred in front of a high school on Bryan Avenue. According to police, the investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Authorities reported that the vehicle that hit the pedestrian was operated by a driver who suffered critical injuries on account of the event. According to authorities, the vehicle allegedly struck the pedestrian on a sidewalk where Patriot Way crosses Bryan Avenue. The 47-year-old woman died at the site of the accident.

The vehicle continued through a fence and barreled toward a football field, during the course of which the driver was ejected from the vehicle. The driver suffered injuries that officials depicted as traumatic and received emergency transport to a hospital, where officials listed him in critical condition.

No students were involved in the incident. Investigators suspect that the 47-year-old woman was walking or jogging in the area at the time of the event.

Further investigation in this case should reveal important details, such as the incident’s cause. In general, motorists who drive in a manner that imperils others may cause a catastrophic accident for which they will be held liable in court.

When people are killed by a negligent driver, their families could be faced with multiple expenses, such as funeral and burial costs, medical bills for service prior to the victim’s demise and the economic responsibilities to dependents and contributions to the household that the victim had fulfilled while alive.

Consulting a wrongful death lawyer may be beneficial for families in such a situation. After evaluating the case, the attorney may initiate the paperwork necessary to file a wrongful death suit on their behalf. Source: KTLA, ‘Costa Mesa Woman, 47, Dies After Being Struck by Car in Irvine,” Dec. 10, 2014

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Pedestrian fatally struck, driver ejected at high school in Irvine“, December 10, 2014