Personality and behavior changes after an accident

When people think about the consequences of a traffic accident, many focus on the physical injuries that people sustain, the financial costs associated with the crash (hospital bills, missing work, property damage, etc.), and the loss of life. However, there are other hardships that victims sometimes experience after a car crash, which can be more difficult to detect. For example, someone’s behavior or personality might be different due to a collision they were involved in.

Sadly, traumatic brain injuries are a common car accident consequence. When someone strikes their head, they may sustain brain trauma that affects them in many ways, from becoming forgetful and struggling with headaches to experiencing changes with regard to their behavior and personality. Even when someone’s brain is not injured in a collision, their personality may change as a result of depression or anxiety that has been brought on by the accident. When someone comes close to losing their life, their perspective on things can change considerably and they might act different in comparison to their behavior before the crash.

Sometimes, changes to one’s personality and behavior can make life more difficult for the victim (especially if they work in a certain field, for example), as well as their loved ones. For those who take legal action against a reckless driver that caused an accident, these challenges should not be overlooked and victims should speak with a qualified Irvine brain injury lawyer to learn more. Head to our law office’s brain injuries section if you want to read through even more material that deals with the consequences of a TBI.