Police try to stop the damage caused by a distracted driver

Texting and driving laws in California are tough. Stopping at a red light or at a stop sign might seem like a safe place to take a peek at your cellphone to check your text messages, but you might end up with a ticket if you are spotted by a police officer, and the police are watching.

The California Highway Patrol issued tickets to 46,000 distracted drivers earlier this year in just one month. Texting and driving and performing other tasks on a cellphone can cause serious injury in a car accident.

A distracted driver who is more concerned about checking text messages or emails than in paying attention to road and highway conditions might be liable for more than just fine if seen by a police officer. If a car collision were to occur because the driver was not paying attention, that individual could be liable as a negligent driver.

A negligent driver could be sued by an auto accident victim for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost earnings resulting from a serious injury suffered by an accident victim. Proving that a distracted driver failed to obey a stop sign or failed to stop for a red light could be sufficient in the eyes of a panel of jurors to impose liability on the driver for the damages resulting from an accident.

Whether they are caused by a drunk driver or by a distracted driver, a car accident injury can have long-term consequences for the victim. Getting the compensation you deserve could benefit from the assistance of a Newport Beach personal injury attorney.

Source: Orange County Register, “On the Road: Cops still looking for texting drivers,” Art Marroquin, July 30, 2015