Premises liability can lead to wrongful death

Did you know that it is your legal right to expect the premises of any California facility will be cared for and free of liabilities that could be potentially harmful? Safety precautions should always be made by business owners and building owners to keep everyone who is in the space safe. Not taking precautions or installing the proper equipment can lead to an injury quickly and financially ruin a business. Premises liability can even lead to a wrongful death.

A variety of factors can be a potential premises liability. Property owners are accountable in all areas, at work, at the store and even at  a personal residence. Some examples or premises liability include: poor lighting which makes it difficult to see, ice on walkways, wet floors which are not marked with appropriate signs and any other dangerous property condition that leads to an injury or wrongful death.

Injuries can occur very easily due to an unkempt property. One can slip and fall on the hard floor of a grocery store during a rainy day or get electrocuted by wires that are in disrepair at a work site. When injuries such as these occur, the property owner is generally liable.

Most premises liabilities are covered under insurance terms. If you have been injured at a store, home or place of business due to hazardous conditions or poor maintenance, the property owner could be liable. To find out if you are entitled to compensation, speaking with an experienced Irvine wrongful death attorney might be very beneficial.

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