Reckless drivers and children playing near the road

With nicer weather and summer vacation around the corner, many children are looking forward to spending more time outside. For some, this includes riding a bicycle, skateboarding in the driveway, or playing on or near the road in some other fashion. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous, especially when it comes to reckless drivers who show little regard for kids, pedestrians, and even other vehicles. If you are a parent, it is crucial to help your child stay safe and avoid dangers. Unfortunately, some accidents happen solely because of another person’s negligence and in these situations, it is pivotal for victims to take action by speaking with a car accident attorney in Newport Beach.

A reckless driver could collide with a child for a number of reasons. Perhaps they are driving too fast and fail to pay attention to others who are on or near the road. Or, maybe they are under the influence of alcohol or an unlawful substance, which can severely impact their ability to drive safe. Fatigue, distractions, and many other factors can also cause a driver to collide with a child.

Unfortunately, these accidents can do far more than just leave a child with serious injuries. In some instances, they can disrupt a child’s performance in class, affect their social life, prevent them from participating in after-school activities, and even result in death. Because of these consequences, it is extremely important for reckless drivers to be kept off the road and for victims to defend their rights.

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