Reviewing the consequences of a pedestrian accident

Often, when people think of traffic accidents, they picture crashes involving vehicles or motorcycles. However, it is important to bear in mind that many upsetting accidents on the road involve pedestrians. Sadly, some pedestrians are ignored and there are far too many reckless drivers on the road, which can make it dangerous for people to walk in certain areas. Moreover, when a pedestrian crash does take place, the consequences can be staggering for victims and those they love, as well.

When someone is struck by a car while they are walking or jogging, they physical toll can be overwhelming. After all, when a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed collides with someone who is completely unprotected, they face an especially high risk of injury or even death. Broken bones and other injuries have made life very difficult for many pedestrian accident victims and some have even permanently shattered their lives due to lifelong disabilities. Moreover, these injuries can have other consequences, such as lost wages resulting from time away from work and depression due to being bound in a wheelchair, to name just a couple.

Many pedestrians have also passed away in these tragic accidents, which can make it incredibly hard for their family to move forward from the accident. If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident that was caused by a driver’s negligence, you should not hesitate to pursue any resources that could help you move on, such as heading to court. To learn more about your available legal options following an accident, speak with a knowledgeable Santa Ana pedestrian accident lawyer.