Seat belts, accidents and abdominal injuries

On the road, you may encounter a number of different hazards. For example, you may come across potholes, pedestrians darting across the road, ice or any other number of things to watch out for. Moreover, there may be objects in your car that you need to watch out for and other unusual risk factors in a car crash. for example, you may sustain abdominal injuries from your seatbelt after you are involved in a wreck.

Wearing a seatbelt is extremely important, of course, and this behavior has saved many lives. Sadly, it is just another example of how car accident victims can be hurt when they are hit by someone who is driving recklessly. If you think that you may have suffered abdominal injuries after a car accident, it is important to make sure that you seek treatment and do all you can to recover. These injuries could shatter your life in different ways and it may also be necessary to hire an Irvine auto accident attorney and take legal action against a reckless driver who has caused you so much suffering.

Regrettably, these incidents will keep occurring and innocent drivers, as well as passengers, will be hurt in many different ways. Some victims slam into the windshield, others are thrown out of the vehicle. When a motor vehicle accident is the result of someone driving while intoxicated or displaying any other example of reckless behavior, they should be held fully responsible. Our traffic collisions page offers more information on this topic for accident victims who are trying to recover.