Signs and symptoms of moderate to severe brain injury

A brain injury can cause lasting damage to accident victims in California and all over the nation. Accordingly, being aware of the common signs and symptoms associated with moderate to severe brain injuries is crucial for getting the proper medical treatment. In some cases medical attention will prove life-saving, while also preventing irreparable physical harm from occurring.

As stated by the Mayo Clinic, signs of brain injury are categorized according to the severity of the injuries. In cases where damage is considered moderate to severe, victims often experience a range of both mental and physical symptoms. A person might begin to behave strangely, such as by displaying combative or aggressive behavior. A significant injury to the brain can also affect consciousness, and may even result in a coma-like state. Slurring of speech and a state of confusion can also be present.

When it comes to physical effects, lasting headaches are often a factor, as is persistent nausea that results in vomiting. Loss of sensation in the toes and fingers can also occur, along with impaired motor coordination, seizures, and a clear-looking fluid issuing from the ears and/or nose. Both mental and physical effects can be present a few hours after the initial injury, or they may appear within a few days.  

Once the above symptoms have been identified, victims should undergo medical treatment as soon as possible. lists a few of the testing methods doctors use to determine the severity of a brain injury. Damage to the brain is often identified via scanning technologies, such as MRIs or CT scans. These devices create images of the brain where any bleeding or swelling may be present. Medical staff may also apply neurological testing to brain injury victims to assess the level of damage. These tests typically involve hearing and sight, as well as motor skills and coordination.

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