Slick roads and motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists face a number of hazards, from negligent drivers colliding with them to obstructions on the road, such as a fallen tree limb. However, weather can be particularly concerning, such as slick roads. If the weather does not seem favorable, it might be a good idea to stay off of the road. However, even responsible motorcyclists may find themselves hurt or killed in a crash that occurred as a result of poor weather conditions.

Heavy rainfall can be very dangerous for motorcyclists and the drivers of other vehicles, making roads slick and interfering with visibility. Sometimes, the rain can seemingly appear out of nowhere, so it might be a good idea to check the weather before riding a motorcycle. Moreover, ice can also be problematic in certain parts of the country and it could linger on roads even though temperatures have risen above freezing. Patches of black ice, for example, can be especially problematic and may cause a motorcyclist to lose control around a turn.

Moreover, slick roads and other weather-related hazards can cause the drivers of other vehicles to hit motorcyclists. Regardless of how safe and responsible a motorcyclist is, someone driving a truck or a small vehicle might fail to pay attention to the weather and lose control of their vehicle, slamming into a motorcyclist.

Injuries resulting from these accidents can be incredibly hard for motorcyclists to recover from and may cause long-term hardships. As a result, if the accident was caused by another person’s poor decisions, legal action may need to be on the table. Our accidents page offers more related to traffic crash injuries and if you have further questions, contact Callahan & Blaine to speak with an Irvine motorcycle accident attorney.