Smartphone innovations aim to decrease traffic accidents

While Orange County motorists are most likely aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving, this knowledge may not be enough to keep them from making the wrong choices while behind the wheel. Because of the risk of using smartphones when driving, modern technology is changing to lower the chances of a serious accident occurring.

Constant pop-up notifications can be difficult for some drivers to ignore, as illustrated by recent distracted driving statistics. Car accidents involving distracted driving behaviors were implicated in the deaths of over 2,357 motorists last year alone. The prospect of grave physical injury occurring due to drivers using smartphones has led Google to introduce Android Auto 2.0. Google’s updated technology intends to change the way motorists interface with their phones when behind the wheel.

Android 2.0 enables larger on-screen icons and voice-activated commands to lessen the time it takes to interact with the device. This system allows for all the standard smartphone functions such as streaming music, taking and receiving calls and texts, and many others, while also preventing the driver from using unapproved applications while driving. Enhanced text and on-screen icons may also be displayed on an external unit, which can be installed within the vehicle in a prominent location. While these advances are projected to have a positive impact on distracted driving accidents, many older vehicles are without the capability of Android Auto 2.0 integration.

Drivers who use smartphones on the road or engage in other distracted driving behaviors pose a very serious threat to all motorists. When injured due to another driver’s careless behavior, consulting with an experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer may provide insight into available legal options.

Source: Network World, “Android Auto 2.0 for phones–No more excuses for distracted driving,” Steve Patterson, Nov. 7, 2016