Steps to Take After Being Involved in a Bus Accident

Any individual who gets into an accident involving a larger bus will need to take various steps in order to ensure their well-being and to help recover total compensation for their losses. However, the aftermath of any type of bus accident can be confusing, particularly on the day the incident occurs and in the days following the crash. Here, we want to review the main steps that individuals need to take after a bus crash occurs in California.

steps to take after a bus accident from santa ana bus accident attorneys

1. Call the Police

If you have been involved in a bus accident, the number one step is to make sure that somebody has called 911. The police, fire, and EMS personnel all need to come to the scene. These officers will conduct a preliminary investigation into the incident and fill out accident reports that will be necessary for insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits.

2. Go to the Hospital

Any person who has been involved in a bus accident in California needs to go to the hospital to be checked for injuries. This is true even if the incident does not seem very severe. Sometimes, bus accident injury signs and symptoms do not manifest until hours or days after the incident occurs. Delaying medical care not only harms a person’s well-being, but also increases the chances that the insurance carrier will delay or deny the claim. 

3. Gather Evidence if Possible

In some cases, this step may not even be possible in the immediate aftermath of the crash. If injuries are not very severe, individuals can use their cell phones to take videos or photos of the entire scene. This can include footage of the wreckage, debris, skid marks, injuries, other vehicles involved, and more. If there are eyewitnesses who saw what happened, their names and contact information should be written down as quickly as possible because when they leave, they will likely be impossible to track down. If the scene is not safe or if injuries are too severe, the priority is safety and well-being, not gathering evidence.

4. Contact an Attorney

A skilled California bus accident attorney can get involved very quickly and begin their investigation. An attorney will know the importance of obtaining evidence quickly before it can disappear or get destroyed. Additionally, a Santa Ana personal injury lawyer experienced in bus accident cases will be the one to take over all communication with other parties, and they will be able to handle communication with insurance carriers. Bus crash victims should not be the ones to speak to any bus company or insurance carrier.

5. Keep all Bills and Receipts

Individuals involved in bus accidents need to keep track of all of their expenses relating to the incident. This includes medical bills they come in after the incident, proof that there have been lost wages if a person cannot work, receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, and more.

6. Continue Medical Care

Bus crash victims should continue all medical treatment recommended by the emergency room doctor or their primary care physician. This continued medical treatment is crucial, particularly for those who want to recover maximum compensation for their losses. When a person discontinues care, it will be nearly impossible to go back and cover more compensation after a settlement has been reached.