Swimming pool safety tips for summer

As summer rapidly approaches, Orange County homeowners may be in search of the best methods for keeping their swimming pools safe. This is especially important when children are on the premises, whether they live in the home or are visiting friends and relatives.

According to Pool Safely.gov, the best defense against swimming related accidents

onyour property is having the right equipment at your disposal. Fencing is of the utmost importance in this case, and implementing gates that lock automatically upon closing adds an increased level of safety. Some homeowners even go so far as to install alarm systems that can alert the presence of unattended children should they make their way onto your property.

Teaching children basic swimming skills is also highly recommended. Adults in the home should consider taking CPR classes to ensure they will be able to respond accordingly in the event of a drowning. Vigilance is equally important; children should never be left to swim on their own, even if they are capable swimmers. When entertaining guests, homeowners should share these tips with visitors and ensure all parents and guardians are aware of their children as they use the pool.

Accidental drowning poses a significant risk to children, as illustrated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Very young children (ranging from age one to four) are the most susceptible, particularly when it comes to residential swimming pools. Additionally, drowning is counted as the second most common cause of death for kids in general, with the first being car accidents. Of all drowning deaths one out of five involves kids aged 14 and younger, and males make up the majority of victims at 80 percent.