The link between allergy season and car crashes

Motor vehicle wrecks have many causes, but some are not mentioned or widely recognized as much as others. For example, people may pay less attention to the likelihood of seasonal allergies causing an accident, while they are well aware that driving under the influence is dangerous and could lead to a fatal collision. During the spring, many allergy sufferers have a difficult time, and the symptoms they experience can disrupt their lives in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, allergies may make them more likely to cause an accident for a number of reasons.

First of all, allergy symptoms can distract a driver from the road and make it difficult for them to focus on driving safely. For example, someone with itchy eyes, a severe headache, a runny nose or some other symptom may have trouble staying focused. They might lose control of their vehicle after reaching for a tissue or taking their hands off of the wheel to rub their eyes. Moreover, some people take medications to help with their allergies, which can lead to drowsiness.

Distracted driving and the consumption of certain medications are just some of the risks associated with allergies. Drivers may also suffer from fatigue because they have not been getting enough sleep due to their allergy symptoms. If you fear that your allergies could affect your driving abilities, it is smart to avoid driving until you are confident that you can stay safe on the road. Sadly, some drivers disregard this advice and drive anyway, and they must be held accountable when an accident occurs.

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