Video chat and car crashes

Drivers lose their focus on the road because of many different distractions, from passengers in the car bothering them to something happening outside of the vehicle. However, technology has introduced many new ways for drivers to take their eyes and ears off of the road. Various apps tend to distract drivers, and people may even try to play a game on their phone or post something to the internet while driving. Moreover, video chat can be especially dangerous, and this has caused many drivers to become distracted when they should have been paying attention to the road.

Video chat is particularly concerning for multiple reasons. For one, the interaction occurs in real time, so a driver may be more absorbed in the conversation they have with someone (as opposed to a text message, although texting behind the wheel is also dangerous and illegal in many places). Someone who is involved in a video chat may take their eyes off the road to watch the other person talk, or they may become distracted by trying to hold their phone and present themselves before the camera in a certain way. These conversations can also become highly engaging due to the very nature of video chat, which can be extremely distracting.

Talking with someone in real time, especially when using a phone or other electronic device while trying to drive, is a recipe for disaster. Sadly, distracted drivers have caused many fatal accidents and many victims have been seriously injured in these wrecks also. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver distracted by video chat, you should speak with an Irvine car accident attorney to learn more about your options for compensation.