Video chat and distracted driving

There are many different distractions that can prevent a person from focusing all of their attention on the road. For example, other passengers who are riding in the car may distract a driver while carrying on a conversation or suddenly making loud noises, such as excited children, for example. As Newport Beach car accident attorneys, we have seen firsthand how the digital era has brought new sources of distraction as a result of technological advances. In this day and age, it is possible to keep in touch with people in real time via video chat, and this can be deadly on the road.

People may video chat with others on their smartphone or another device. During video chat, a driver may completely take their eyes off the road, and they may be holding the device with their hand or manipulating the device with both hands. Moreover, video chat and other distractions can significantly affect a driver’s mental focus and they may be completely oblivious to hazards that are on the road.

Sadly, distracted drivers put lives at risk. Some do not realize how dangerous these types of behavior actually are and they may cause a fatal accident or a crash which leaves victims with devastating injuries. Many people are addicted to technology in this day and age, but it is crucial for people to know when they have to set down their devices. If you were hit by a distracted driver, you could benefit from pursuing legal action to have them held accountable, which is especially important if you were hurt in the wreck.