What are some common grocery store hazards?

For Orange County shoppers, a trip to the grocery store can quickly turn disastrous when common hazards are prevalent. These hazards can pose serious risk of injury to all shoppers, which is why it’s so important for workers to go above and beyond in their duties in an attempt to keep everyone safe. Failure to do so could lead to a number of ill-effects should a shopper be injured during a visit.

PriceGun.com lists a few of the most rampant hazards that can be found in a grocery store, including certain bacterial dangers related to the preparation of food. Most grocery stores have deli departments which must utilize the proper sanitation methods to ensure the contamination does not occur while preparing customer orders. This entails proper cleaning of all utensils and work stations, as well as holding workers accountable for their own personal hygiene.

In addition to the threat of illness derived from lack of sanitation, grocery store customers also face the risk of falling on wet or otherwise slippery floors. This can be the result of an improperly cleaned or maintained grocery store, as well as the presence of leaks or other issues. Accordingly, employees must address spills as soon as possible to prevent customers from injuring themselves.

Cluttered walkways and aisles can also easily lead to customer injury while shopping. Workers responsible for stocking shelves must make sure that all storage containers and other items are placed in a manner that doesn’t impede the path of customers. Additionally, any potential tripping hazards (such as misplaced items or electrical cords) should be remedied immediately.