What are some dangers associated with driving through tunnels?

There are many hazards that people encounter on the road, some of which may be especially common for a particular driver (sharp turns, dangerous intersections and so on). However, there are other hazards that drivers may not come across very often, such as driving through a tunnel, and drivers may not be aware of the different reasons why these encounters can be dangerous. In this post, some of the risks associated with tunnels will be reviewed.

Information that has been provided by the National Transportation Safety Board draws attention to some of the hazards associated with driving through a tunnel. For example, the NTSB examined one fatal traffic accident which occurred inside of a tunnel and found that the crash was likely caused by concrete and suspension hardware falling onto the vehicle while it was traveling through the tunnel.

Aside from ceiling collapse and other tunnel deficiencies, crashes can take place within these tunnels because of poor visibility. For example, some drivers may struggle to see the road inside a tunnel, which can be especially dangerous when they are driving right next to other vehicles. Moreover, some people may feel claustrophobic while driving through a tunnel, and this could also have a negative impact on their driving abilities or prompt them to behave abnormally while they are in the tunnel.

Sadly, these accidents happen for different reasons and have claimed many lives and left even more people hurt. It is important to be cautious at all times while driving, especially in certain spots.