What are some examples of lane change accidents?

On the road, accidents occur for a multitude of reasons. Some are the result of ice and other hazards brought on by the weather, while others happen because of a driver switching lanes. There are different examples of lane change crashes and you should be aware of the ways in which things can go wrong. Safe driving is essential, but some drivers fail to keep this in mind. Worse, some choose to drive when they are intoxicated or excessively tired.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided information that goes over some of the different ways in which lane change accidents take place. Often, a lane change crash happens when two vehicles are heading in the same direction and one driver purposely changes lanes, striking the other vehicle. Whether someone fails to allow enough room or slows down after switching lanes, this can happen in different ways. Moreover, a lane change wreck might happen when a car merges from a limited access highway entrance or while attempting to turn at an intersection.

If you were hit by a driver who was trying to change lanes or veered into your lane for some other reason, you should look into the details surrounding the collision with a skilled Irvine car accident attorney and stand up for the legal rights you have. Unfortunately, these accidents happen at a very high rate and more lives will continue to be lost due to lane change crashes. Even when an accident does not prove fatal, the injuries can shatter a victim’s life permanently.

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