What can I do to prevent fatal boating accidents?

California’s wonderful climate often makes for amenable boating conditions. However, it’s important to ensure safety remains a top priority when boating for both you and your passengers. Not following proper procedures can lead to a variety of negative consequences, and in extreme cases may cause the death of a friend or loved one.

That’s why Discoverboating.com recommends the following boating safety tips to beginners as well as those with years of the experience at the helm. Alcohol is a factor in a number of fatal boating accidents, as inebriating effects can become even more pronounced after exposure to the elements. Accordingly, boaters should refrain from imbibing until they are safely back to shore.

While common sense is invaluable in virtually all situations, it is particularly important when on the water. This entails steering clear of more sizable boats that lack an ability to maneuver the same as smaller vessels, as well as always being aware of your surroundings. You should also remain alert to any changes in the weather in the event a volatile storm occurs without warning.

Establishing a solid float plan is crucial in case you and your passengers run into trouble. Good float plans include the contact information for all those aboard your vessel, in addition to the details of the boat (such as the type and registration) and trip itinerary. Once this information has been compiled, it should be provided to a third party. This can be a worker at the marina where your vessel will be departing, or a trusted friend or family member that can pass important info onto the proper authorities if necessary.