What to Do After an Uber or Lyft Accident

The last thing anyone expects is that they will be in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, but these incidents do happen. There are various steps that you need to take after an Uber or Lyft accident, and these steps can help not only ensure your well-being but also help you recover the financial settlement you are entitled to if another party was liable for the incident.

Call the Police

After an Uber or Lyft accident, it is imperative to call the police. In the state of California, a reportable incident is considered any traffic accident there results in an injury or a fatality. Failing to report an accident to the police could result in a traffic ticket or, in some circumstances, criminal charges for hit-and-run cases. Even if you are a passenger inside of a rideshare vehicle, we encourage you to call the police to make sure they come to the scene and investigate the incident. You will need this accident report when you make your insurance claim.

In addition to calling the police, you need to report the crash through your rideshare app if you were a passenger when the incident occurred.

Gather and Keep Evidence

There are various types of evidence that can be gathered at the scene of the incident as well as in the days and weeks that follow that can help move your claim forward. We always encourage individuals to use their phones to take photographs or video surveillance of everything around the crash scene if the area is safe. This could include personal injuries, property damage, debris and skid marks, license plate numbers, and more. The names and contact information of eyewitnesses to the incident must also be written down so they can be contacted later.

We encourage you to screenshot every bit of data from inside the rideshare app related to the particular ride that resulted in a crash. We do not want you to lose access to your account at a later date and not be able to access this information.

Go to the Doctor

Any person involved in an Uber or Lyft accident in California needs to seek medical care as soon as possible. Even if the injuries do not seem severe, individuals need to be evaluated by a doctor. Not only does this help ensure that any unseen injuries are caught early, but it also helps let the insurance carriers know that you have been seeking medical treatment since right after the incident occurred. Insurance carriers look for gaps in treatment to try and delay or even deny claims.

Contact a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

We encourage you to reach out to a skilled rideshare accident lawyer in California who has experience handling Uber and Lyft crashes. An attorney can take over every aspect of the claim, including communication with the rideshare company or insurance carriers. They will gather the evidence needed to prove liability and handle any negotiations for a settlement offer. If necessary, he returning will fully prepare your case for trial.

Keep Follow-Up Doctor’s Appointments

We always recommend that individuals continue all medical treatments prescribed by their doctor. If there is any gap in treatment, this could significantly jeopardize the insurance claim. Insurance carriers look for individuals that discontinue care while also claiming injuries. Continue medical treatment until the doctor says you have reached maximum medical improvement.