Can poor road maintenance cause a motorcycle crash?

Motorcyclists face many threats on roadways across the country, especially when it comes to reckless drivers such as those who are drunk, distracted or fail to pay attention to other people on the road. However, there are other reasons why a motorcyclist may be involved in a crash, such as poor road maintenance. If you ride a motorcycle, it is important to be aware of these potential risk factors whenever you take to the road.

On the State of Michigan’s website, a number of reasons why poor road maintenance can increase the likelihood of a motorcycle collision have been outlined. For example, a motorcyclist injury or death may occur when someone rides their motorcycle over debris on the road such as gravel, or over an uneven part of the road. Other risks motorcyclists face include potholes and manhole covers that have been left open. In fact, traffic light detection systems that do not register people riding motorcycles and the way in which cracks are filled can even play a role in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when it comes to traffic collisions and it is crucial for all drivers to be aware of their presence and for motorcyclists to understand the various risks on the road. Sadly, many motorcyclists have been injured or even killed in these incidents and some may want to consider legal action if negligence played a role in the accident. From potholes to drunk drivers, there are multiple reasons why fatal motorcycle wrecks will keep happening.