Motorcycle Accidents

Congested traffic can result in a deadly motorcycle accident

Congested traffic in the Los Angeles area shows no signs of abating and continues to cause traffic hazards. Sadly, many of these hazards result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents. According to California Highway Patrol, a recent incident resulted in a serious motorcycle accident that caused the deaths of two people.The accident was the result of a chain reaction crash that began when one vehicle hit a center divider and veered into traffic, ending up sideways...
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Assessing how additional training may reduce motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a welcomed thrill and enjoyment for many people in California. It is also an activity that comes with a significant risk especially if riders do not take adequate caution in protecting their safety and well-being. Motorcyclists who prioritize their safety and are well-versed in the operation of their bike may be much less likely to be involved in a fatal collision resulting from their own actions. While motorcyclists can never control the...
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Motorcycle accident statistics indicate licensing issues

California roads often include a mix of motorcycles, trucks and passenger cars, but accidents may affect motorcyclists, drivers and passengers very differently. In many cases, motorcycle riders involved in accidents have improper licenses and/or driving records with traffic convictions. Ensuring motorcyclists receive adequate training and meet state licensing requirements may help reduce the risk of accidents.According to crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many motorcycle accidents involve riders without proper licenses or...
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Dangers motorcyclists face

Riding a motorcycle in California can be risky, as there are dangers that motorcyclists face that other vehicle operators do not. Distracted driving by motorists is part of the cause, as is the fact motorcycles are more difficult to see. Both drivers and riders need to pay more attention so that everyone remains safe.According to the Journal Sentinel, more people are driving while distracted, and this causes an issue for motorcycle riders as well as...
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How to handle lane splitting

Drivers who live in California may be used to driving among motorcycles, and there is a technique motorcyclists practice that drivers should be aware of. Lane splitting is when a motorcycle rides between two vehicles. While this may seem illegal, it is actually legal in the state, and studies show it is safe as long as riders do it correctly. Both drivers and motorcycle operators should understand how to share the road safely together.According to...
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