What to Do Following a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident In California

If you are a motorcyclist in California and are struck by another driver who then flees the scene, there are various steps that you can take both immediately and in the days that followed the incident. Here, we want to discuss what you can do following a hit-and-run motorcycle accident, but please understand that the number one priority is your safety and well-being.

Do Not Chase the Vehicle

Many individuals instinctually want to chase after drivers who cause a hit-and-run incident. However, if you are a motorcyclist and have been struck by a driver who then flees the scene, do not chase them down. Even if your motorcycle is still functional, you need to remain at the scene of the incident. There are a few reasons why this is important.

First, if you choose to go after the driver who caused the hit-and-run incident, you are also breaking the law by leaving the scene of the incident. Additionally, you have no idea who the driver is or what they are capable of doing. You do not know their mental state. Chasing the other driver could lead to an incredibly dangerous situation, not just for you but for others in the area.

Call 911 and Give Descriptions

Anyone involved in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident must call 911 to report the incident to the dispatcher. You need to give the dispatcher as much information as you can, including a description of the vehicle and driver if you remember this information. Let the dispatcher know which direction the driver was going. You also need to let the dispatcher know whether or not there are any injuries at the scene so they can send the appropriate first responders.

Seek Medical Treatment

As a motorcyclist involved in a hit and run incident, you must seek immediate medical care. This could include taking an ambulance to the hospital, depending on the severity of the injuries. However, even if you do not go to the hospital immediately, you need to go to a primary care physician or an emergency clinic on the day of the incident. This helps ensure that the insurance carriers will see that you sought medical treatment right away and give them less reason to deny the claim.

Call Your Insurer

You need to contact your motorcycle insurance carrier as soon as possible, preferably within the same day of the incident occurs. You can make this report on the phone or online, but they need to know the incident occurred. Do not go into much detail right away because you honestly will not know the severity of the injuries or property damage yet. Let your insurance carrier begin the process of communicating with the authorities and other drivers’ insurance carriers. This could get complicated, particularly if the hit and run driver is not apprehended or if they do not have insurance.

Contact an Attorney

We encourage you to reach out to a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in California. Your lawyer can help you explore all possible avenues of compensation recovery after a hit-and-run accident occurs. An attorney will conduct a full investigation of the incident, liaise with all enforcement officials to determine whether or not the hit and run driver has been apprehended, and work diligently to recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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