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California Paid Sick Leave Law

California has long been known to have strong protections for employees, and it was one of the first states in the US to require employers to provide paid sick leave. California’s paid sick leave law is known as the Healthy Workplace, Healthy Family Act of 2014, and applies to all employers in the state. It is important for both employers and employees to understand what this law covers. Read on to learn more and if...
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Do Employers Have to Pay for Jury Duty in California?

Jury duty may be something that most people dread, but it is an obligation many adults must participate in. Refusing to participate in jury duty without having an acceptable reason not to is illegal. Understandably, participating in jury duty can create a financial hardship for many working people. It is important to understand whether or not an employer has to pay for the time an employee takes to participate in jury duty. Can an Employer...
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Are Non-Competes Enforceable in California?

Many people have heard of a non-compete agreement, but may not completely understand what it means. In fact, some people sign non-complete agreements as terms of their employment without even realizing it. A non-compete is a type of legal agreement that forbids an employee from going to work with a competitor of their current employer. These agreements exist to protect company secrets. However, it is important for employees to know whether or not a non-compete...
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Is Severance Pay Taxable?

When a person leaves their job, whether because they left voluntarily or because of termination or a layoff, they may attempt to make ends meet through severance pay or any other owed compensation (such as pay time off or accrued vacation time). However, many people have questions about whether severance pay is taxable. After all, taxes are a vital, if unwanted, part of all of our lives. Continue reading to learn more about severance pay...
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Are Unpaid Internships Legal in California?

It is not uncommon for college students and recent graduates to be offered unpaid internships. Often disguised as opportunities to “learn about” their field and make “connections,” unpaid internships can also be ways for companies and organizations to take advantage of free labor. Some estimates say that there are as many as 1.5 to 2 million unpaid interns working in the United States. Many questions often arise about whether or not unpaid internships are legal...
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